Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Horizon of New Games

Well all, I have been busy trying to level up some different alts in WoW and been enjoying it quite a bit. I have also been beta testing Pirates of the Burning Sea. I have found a few glitches in PotBS but it is a somewhat enjoyable game. I ,personally, don't believe that Pirates will be a good game for me, but I can see how it might be enjoyable for some.

Since the NDA is open on PotBS I feel that they took a lot of quest requirements from other games. The exclamation point over quest givers heads is identical to WoW except it is slanted slightly. I would think that they could come up with some new icons to identify quests.

They also have an interesting economy system but not simple and easy to use. I have really enjoyed the game, but it is just missing something that makes me feel immersed into the game. It is fairly easy to learn but ship combat in particular can be difficult to master.

I have also been checking out more of Stargate Worlds. I have a soft spot for science fiction MMOs, but I was disappointed ultimately by SWG and it looks like I may be disappointed by Star Trek Online. Stargate Worlds looks like it could have some potential and I am getting more excited about what new options they could offer.

I have also been exploring to see what games actually have GLBT guilds on them, and many do have this as an option for players. I guess that the GLBT community isn't always interested in some games. I was looking at possibly looking into LotR because I have heard some good things but it doesn't seem like there is a very strong GLBT community. If anyone knows differently then let me know.

Anyway, I am off to potentially work on raising my baby druid, Wheezy (from the Jeffersons) through the ranks although I probably should look into getting my warrior, Fistor up but being a healer for so long has made it challenging to play a non-healing class.

Good luck, good gaming and pleasant lives...

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